In his speech commemorating the 2019 election Sir Keir Starmer said that working people looked at Labour in 2019 and they said no. We asked our readers whether they agreed. This is what you said.

No. But since he is a proven liar, what did those who were daft enough to vote for him expect? It was always pretty obvious to many of us that his actions were far too shifty to be trusted, and again, he has proven us right. Now he needs to be put out, together with his far right Zionist-paid mates. This country urgently needs a party of honesty and constructiveness, with no liars involved.

Charlotte Peters Rock

No I really believe the election was rigged by the establishment. Many thousands came to cheer on Corbyn everwhere he went and I was one of them. The only other reason I can think of why he lost was Starmer, and his rhetoric re a second Brexit referendum.

Lynne Chatterton

Many people i spoke with were hoodwinked about issues around Brexit & believed that Corbyn was trying to take the party back to the 70s, they seemed to feel Labour was not a party of the future. In general I supported Corbyn. Now I’m a Socialist who doesn’t trust Starmer. I cannot vote Labour, nor Green, they don’t represent me, not least as I have major concerns about current threats to women’s rights but I won’t vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat, I am disheartened & disenfranchised.

Linda Ferguson

If they did it was due to a thoroughly dishonest smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn orchestrated, to their shame, from within his own party

Hazel Roy

No I most certainly do not agree, The reason Jeremy Corbyn didn’t win was because of a campaign from within. The Labour Party went out of its way to destroy any hopes we had, and so did the MSM. They de- humanised him. Despite this, there is evidence to suggest that when pensioners’ votes were removed, he did much better than they had hoped. He was never allowed to speak about his extremely well thought out agenda. The BBC acted as a free service for the Conservative Party. Laura Kuenssberg followed Johnson around, while he dressed up as a doctor, police officer, butcher, etc on an almost daily basis. With the mainstream media, from the Daily Mail to the Guardian seemingly holding the front Page just to give Johnson the publicity he craved.

The whole time Jeremy had TV presenters demanding he admit he was antisemitic. Now we see how scary Zionism can get,

If Only!

Lisa Brady

Absolutely not. The PLP had many more members in 2019. Tens of thousands have left the party since then because they do not agree with many of the policies adopted by the party under Keir Starmer.

Karen McCartney

Nope, he is a liar and manipulator nothing but a right-wing shill for the establishment and Israel. His band of liars deliberately messed up that election and the one before out of spite that their brand of BS was rejected by the people and JC gave them hope. Hope terrifies the establishment that people might demand the gravy train stops we have fair taxation and good public services with a proper investment strategy for growth and a mixed economy and they serve the will of their constituents. Not rich bribers oops donors, sorry so so-called Labour has lost its way. I was both a voter and supporter of Labour for 50 years no longer as I am not welcome, so be it don’t come asking for my vote later Starmer! At least the greens are embracing socialism and saying the right things on disability as well that alone gets my vote.

James Kemp

At that time many voters were fatigued by the Brexit debate, bought the media screams of antisemitism, could not believe a government could actually care about them and voted against their best interests based on a three word slogan bandied about by a known serial liar who, subsequently, rode a coach and horses through parliamentary procedure and put the UK on a path to fascism.

David Stirrup

No, they looked at Starmer’s unplanned conference speech insisting there had to be another vote on Brexit and said “no”. The policy platform was a proven success in 2017 as was the acceptance of the referendum result. But re-visiting the vote was the guaranteed route to ditching Corbyn and allowing the creation of the Tory B team.

Richard Goodchild

Starmer is wrong. Millions of workers voted for Labour. What changed for those who switched to the Tories was Labour’s shape-shifting over Brexit. If the party had united around Corbyn’s position of a soft Brexit and a customs union the result would have been a lot different. It was Starmer’s faction who preferred a hard Brexit to a Corbyn led government. They are as much to blame as the Tories for the last four years of corruption, cruelty and incompetence.

Mike Stanton

No. Working people were mislead into thinking that ‘BREXIT’ was completed and were fed up with all the messing about with BREXIT votes etc. Starmer was the instigator of confusing the Labour parties position.

Colin Oakley

No. The media was to blame for defeat of Jeremy Corbyn along with Starmer

Roger Stevens

Absolutely not!!

John Bennett-Green


Cyril Wheat




Ann Owen

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