First, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, threatened US sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) for daring to seek Israel’s indictment for war crimes in Gaza. Now he has told Arab business leaders in the US that Palestinian statehood would lead to the defunding of the UN and its World Food Programme at a time when around 250 million people are facing famine.

On 10th May, it was widely reported that the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for the Security Council to recognise the State of Palestine. The USA voted against and the UK abstained, so it is extremely unlikely to be approved. There was another vote the day before in the US Senate that was not widely reported but whose impact, not just on Palestine, but on the world, could be devastating.

According to a press release from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: “U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today led 24 Senate colleagues in introducing the No Official Palestine Entry (NOPE) Act,” US law already prohibits US funding to organisations such as the UN, which give Palestine full membership or standing as a member state. The NOPE Act extends the funding ban to organisations that offer the PLO “any status, rights, or privileges beyond observer status.” It shows the clear intention of the Republican Party to use US federal law to effectively veto UN resolutions which enhance Palestine’s status in any way.

If this law had been on the statute book on 10th May, the UN vote would have triggered a ban on all US funding to the United Nations and its programmes. The NOPE Act is unlikely to pass into law because the Democrats will block it in the full Senate — but they are just as determined as the Republicans to stand by Israel and deny Palestine its statehood. The meeting with Arab American business leaders on 17th May left them angry and disheartened: “There wasn’t a plan that was shared that instilled any confidence that the administration is prioritising an immediate solution,” (Bilal Hammoud, executive director of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.)

Hammoud had more to say in an interview on Breaking Points. The delegation was seeking a US commitment to a free Palestinian State, and Blinken cited the existing federal law that if the UN admitted Palestine to full membership the US would have to cease all funding to the UN. Never mind that if the US is serious about a two state solution it will have to repeal that law, Blinken made the astonishing comparison according to Hammoud that this would lead to cuts in the World Food Programme “and the world would have to starve, just as the Gazans are.”

So there you have it. A UN resolution “determines that the State of Palestine … should therefore be admitted to membership” and it “recommends that the Security Council reconsider the matter favourably.” The General Assembly adopted the resolution with 143 votes in favour and nine against – including the US and Israel, while 25 countries – including the UK, abstained. The US has passed laws that allow it to disregard international law and threaten sanctions against the ICC and threaten the world with famine. Meanwhile Ireland, Spain and Norway have joined the growing band of nations that recognise the State of Palestine. Israel has reacted with fury, withdrawing its ambassadors and threatening “consequences.”

This is the Rules Based World Order, which is actually the US Empire using its military and economic power to disregard international law and threaten the officers of the ICC, while it continues to arm and finance Israel’s genocide in Gaza and use the threat of starvation to cow the rest of the world into compliance with its demands. At the same time they are fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and gearing up for war with China. We cannot let them win. We must free Palestine to free the world.

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  1. Perhaps they’ll stop Bill Gates donating to WHO? Could be a win? Stopping that bastard meddling, I saw that one of BRICs demands is that the world obeys the UN charter and allows countries to choose the own government religion and culture with no interference, we really on wrong side of history

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