According to reports on the UN’s WebRelief website, Israeli soldiers have summarily killed at least 11 unarmed Palestinian men in front of their family members in Al Remal neighbourhood, Gaza City, and forced women and children into a room where they then detonated a grenade.

An elderly woman told Al Jazeera, “Israeli soldiers stormed our block of flats, stole our homes, killed the men, and separated the women and children. My father-in-law and his son were shot. They died instantly. The Israelis killed them. They pulled women from their hair and forced them to remove their hair coverings. Other children were stripped naked of their clothes and forced to their knees. After killing all the men, Israeli tanks were ordered to fire a mortar shell on the fourth floor where the women were held. My two daughters and others were injured.” 

Another woman whose face was swollen and smeared with dirt and blood, told Al Jazeera, “The Israeli soldiers fired three mortar shells at us and used their machine guns against us before storming the house. I was hit by a bullet in my hand; my daughter was hit in her head. My younger daughter was killed, and my son has gone blind. My husband was executed in cold blood. All my other daughters suffered severe injuries, broken bones, and flesh torn open. I have been bleeding constantly throughout the day.”

The statement from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) goes on to say that:

“On 19 December 2023, between 2000 and 2300 hours, IDF reportedly surrounded and raided Al Awda building, also known as the “Annan building”, in Al Remal neighborhood, Gaza City, where three related families were sheltering, in addition to Annan family. According to witness accounts circulated by media sources and Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, while in control of the building and the civilians sheltering there, the IDF allegedly separated the men from the women and children, and then shot and killed at least 11 of the men, mostly aged in their late 20s and early 30s, in front of their family members. The IDF then allegedly ordered the women and children into a room, and either shot at them or threw a grenade into the room, reportedly seriously injuring some of them, including an infant and a child.”

The UNHCHR says that, although there is no verification this took place, they can confirm the deaths. They have called on the Israelis to investigate.

Strangely no UK-based news agency has seen fit to report this potential war crime. Are they waiting for independent verification, which they are unlikely to get given the Israelis have driven UN monitors out of Gaza? Or perhaps they are waiting for the Israelis to “confirm” that these were all Hamas fighters and to show a video confirming that they found tunnels and weapons which prove it was a Hamas command centre? 

The other explanation could be that the strength of public opinion against the Israeli genocide has become so strong that the British media has decided that such a report would be bad for the morale of the few remaining Israeli apologists (mostly members of parliament) and is simply keeping it from the public arena.

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