Howard Thorp wrote Western Culture is Toxic and Damages All of Our Lives last July. Since then it has had nearly 400 views, and this week received its first comment from MANNYEO NTJAMME. I have just read it again and it is a very good article. Check it out and get it over the 400 mark.

‘This was a very refreshing thing to find on the internet. It made me think of a quote I have often seen attributed to Jiddu Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Thank you for writing this.’

A more recent article, Asset Managers Own the World, drew this response from NIGEL THOMAS.

‘Professor Wolff made this easy for me to understand, the working classes pay taxes, the rich don’t, so the state can’t pay for all its social programs, so it borrows money off the rich. This means that the rich get to lend us money it should have paid in taxes and charge us interest on the loan. They have many cons in their hall of mirrors and company debt is one. If they run in deficit they can borrow the money from their head office overseas or a flat in Belgium and then not pay tax on this hidden profit. The only hope for us all is if the stock market and private banks are destroyed and local credit unions take their place.’

Two people responded to Why are gay men the new minority at Pride 2023?

HANNAH KINGSLAND wrote: ‘Excellent point made. I look forward to seeing the film, although I can’t physically attend due to disabilities, I hope to catch it online at some point.’

RUTH MUIRHEAD wrote: ‘Excellent. Heartfelt and accurate. I struggle to call to mind gay male role models represented in the media.’

Finally, our surveys of subscriber opinion, developed by Dave Middleton, have been well received. The most recent one, on the right to protest, drew this response from Colin Oakley: ‘Thanks as always Dave. Have filled the survey in.’

I look forward to reading the results in full. If you are not already a subscriber and want a regular invitation to take part in our surveys follow this link.

Feedback is just one of the ways we seek to interact with our readers, along with our surveys and our Notes From The Edge, where we ask a question and invite your responses in 250 words or less. It can be 250 words or more if they are very good words! Our next issue of the Sunday Socialist is on July 2nd which marks the anniversary of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928 which finally gave universal suffrage to women voters on the same terms as men. 95 years later women have yet to achieve real equality. So the next Edge Notes question is: ‘Despite legislation which gives women equal rights and equal pay, we seem to be a long way from equality. What can we do to ensure the spirit of those laws is enacted?’

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