Our report on the Stop Starmer campaign had the most responses this week and prompted us to have a long discussion about what it means to Start Socialism. The result is Dave Middleton’s article called Start Socialism in this edition of the Sunday Socialist. I look forward to your comments in the next edition of Feedback

Stop Starmer Campaign

Start Socialism is not likely to convince Starmer; any approach has to come from the Left of the Labour Movement, and Party, and in Trades Unionism, Solidarity and Grass Roots Activism. “Labour punches harder from the Left”. Tony Benn 1988. ANEURIN DAVIES

Agreed – Instead of Stop Starmer – Start Socialism. The Stop Starmer Campaign comes across as nothing more than a bitter feud and not a grown-up perspective of the Class Struggle. This is not my way of thinking, and I agree with the last paragraph. Keep up the good work, comrades. NORBERT LAWRIE

Music to my ears! Now aged 82 and voting SOCIALIST Labour since 21 years of age, and being politically homeless, I am ill with despair! OLGA THOMAS

Sadly I think this article is right to point out that this Stop Starmer campaign may well be futile but In my view that doesn’t mean that it should not be attempted. It can only lead to further solidarity amongst those on the left who feel demoralised. MAGGIE GOTHARD

I think the “Start Socialism” is a much better banner heading than “Stop Starmer” which feels very negative to me. “Start Socialism” feels positive and driving forward. MAJOR STEADMAN

The Labour Party is the most untrustworthy political organisation the British working class has ever seen. We have the evidence. DANNY LAMBERT

Anti Palestine Rant

She is also trying to go by a different last name. So Hailey Toch is trying to go by Hailey Ornstein now; just letting you know these are the same people. DAVID HULL

The steely determination of Romani Gypsies

Very moving DAPHNE MILES

Couldn’t agree more. My old man had absolutely nothing and he’s fought tooth and nail to get what he has. His parents were born in wagons, ones we still have to this day. Great article! TOMMY AYERS

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