Tory attacks, Labour betrayals and the ever-present struggle by the Palestinian people against apartheid rule in Israel and the Occupied Territories feature in this week’s Feedback.

Sunday Socialist

Great articles, thanks for the enlightenment. THUSO MALEMA

Jenin Under Attack

Totally agree with your post.

What can we do? 

How to resist the anti-BDS bill? 

I left the Starmer party and have tried to continue campaigning against him on Facebook and Twitter but can’t get over the barriers they recently put up! LIZ SHEPHARD

The Big Truth – Starmer is a Villain

I agree that Jeremy Corbyn has been disgracefully and deliberately vilified, and that there are by now many others on the so-called ‘radical left’ (actually ordinary socialists) who have been expelled from the (so-called) Labour Party. There is perhaps a place opening up for a new party that explicitly calls for a moral foundation for a ‘new’ socialist polity, one that is not force-linked to ideologies but to a pragmatic foregrounding of the wellbeing of people, of ‘the people’, of ‘the many’. Where ‘democracy’ is a work in progress rather than an excuse for the gaslighting of party members. Where ‘country’ – that is, people – are put before party. MARY MacCALLUM SULLIVAN

Back to the future – almost 11,000 people in England hospitalised with malnutrition

Austerity is earlier than Osborne, the rich got together in early 1970s to roll back the new deal that had strengthened unions and closed the wealth gap, they employed think tanks that proposed introducing inflation to lower wages and reducing taxes on the rich.

The reduced taxes led to less money for social programmes, so the government borrowed the money off the rich, making rich richer by paying them interest on the money they should have paid in taxes. 

As Assange said government is a way of taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich. NIGEL THOMAS

Labour’s Climate Betrayal

While capital is the only game anyone is interested in playing, we will continue hell for leather towards disaster re climate change. The recent report that complained that scientists had failed to convince politicians of the dangers of climate change appeared to omit the corruption that politicians are partial to from the very entities that create and further the ravages of climate change, the oligarchs.
A change from capital and gambling of stock markets has to be replaced by a system where the needs of society are first and foremost in the thinking of all corporations and oligarchs without exception. TARLOCHAN KALIROY

Howard Thorp’s Western Culture is Toxic and Damages All of Our Lives continues to attract responses.

I have researched the link between cultures and MH for years. Time and time again western toxic negative cultures seen in USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada are found to be rooted to their level of mental illnesses: i.e. schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression and many more. In other cultures: i.e. Africa, India, China, South East Asia, Asia as a whole, no such high levels are found. Reason being western isolationist, individualistic, blame and retribution, negative cultural way of life and belief systems. There is little evidence that they are learning to change. GRABLE

And finally, a post from April 2022 that is just as relevant today Love Labour’s Lost: How Labour Lost 200,000 Members Under Starmer by Luke Andreski brought this response.

100 % full agreement
What they did, not ONLY to Jeremy Corbyn, but, also because what they did to him, they also did to the country, the very many, not the few, who needed his policies, his care, the hope he gave to so very, very many of us. Starmer and his slimies stole that hope, that possibility of things changing for so many for the better. Now, where we are, the massive profits the fuel companies get on top of the (shh) subsidies keeping people in fuel poverty, the NHS in crisis, Rayner saying kids must go hungry – no money for free school meals, mortgage debts, crap rentals, no GP’s appointments, really rare in person appointments, the list is endless. This is mostly down to them!
Someone will write a book one day,
‘His part in Britain’s downfall!’ LIZZIE HARVEY

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