The Toryfication of Labour continues. When Natalie Elphicke “crossed the floor” by crawling under a very low bar to abandon the Tories and join the Labour Party, we at Creating Socialism drew attention to her reactionary voting record that made her a very bad fit for “Labour values of social justice” — but, there again, Labour under Starmer is also a very bad fit for traditional Labour values. So Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities and Chair of the Labour Party, Annelise Dodds, had no problem describing Elphicke a “good fit” for Labour.

The hapless Dodds was wheeled out yet again on Sunday to deny rumours that Labour had offered Elphicke a peerage to induce her to defect. Apparently Elphicke, on the far right of the Tory Party, (she was a paid-up member of Rees-Mogg’s hard-Brexit European Research Group) had joined Labour because the Conservatives had abandoned the centre ground — but she qualified her denial by saying that any future peerage would be in the gift of the Prime Minister.

Jonathon Ashworth, another Labour front bencher, was also called upon to defend the indefensible, after the Sunday Times published a story alleging that Elphicke met with Robert Buckland, who was then both the Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, to interfere in a hearing about her husband’s case.

In case you have forgotten Charlie Elphicke, he was the Tory MP for Dover who was found guilty of sexual assault. His wife, Natalie Elphicke, attacked his victim’s credibility and tried, unsuccessfully, to influence his trial. Then she inherited his seat as MP for Dover East, where she has been banging on about refugees and small boats ever since.

Elphicke is the latest in a series of Tory MPs who have been welcomed into the Labour Party, and there are more to come. The Times reported that Wes Streeting had spoken to more Tory MPs who are considering defecting to Labour. The Shadow Health Secretary said that the former Tory MPs, Natalie Elphicke and Dan Poulter, had defected to Labour “with a purpose” rather than “out of personal ambition”. There have also been rumours that Labour is targeting One Nation Tories on the left of the party.

The truth is that Labour is not recruiting Tories who are moving left. Labour has abandoned any semblance of socialism. It is welcoming Tory MPs who have not changed their politics. They are fleeing the organisational meltdown of the Tory Party and see the Labour Party as the best vehicle for implementing conservative politics. That is why they are joining with a purpose. Some, like Penny Mordaunt, are even joking that they are too left wing for Labour. This was brought home at the weekend when Suella Braverman proposed scrapping the two child benefit cap and Labour’s Wes Streeting defended the cap!

David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary, said: “She [Natalie Elphicke] was actually quite a right wing MP, who had absolutely no affinity with Labour policies or Labour people or Labour philosophy; [the fact that] they welcome her in, I think says a huge amount about the Labour Party. If you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have policies, if you don’t have things you stand for, you will literally fall for anything.” And he should know.

Meanwhile, genuine socialist MPs like Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn have been thrown out of the PLP, and thousands of grassroots socialists have been expelled from the party. You have more chance of raising the Titanic than you do of raising the red flag in today’s Labour Party. They have dropped all pretence and are now openly the party of the ruling class.

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