Israel lies. They have lied since the start of their assault on Gaza. They lied about babies being beheaded. They lied about underground command centres in hospitals. They lied about the extent of sexual assault on 7th October. They lied when they said that they were not targeting civilians. They even lied to their own citizens when they said they cared about the hostages. And now they have lied about wanting a ceasefire.

I am no expert on ceasefires, but a simple requisite for one would be that you cease firing. At no point in the run-up to the latest failed ceasefire did Israel show the slightest regard for the Palestinians trapped in Rafah. Bear in mind that it was the Israelis who told people fleeing Northern Gaza that Rafah would be safe. That was yet another lie. It was never safe.

They are lying when they say that the ceasefire agreement was not what they had actually agreed to. The Americans, who helped broker the agreement, have said categorically that there were no surprises. Or to put that in plain terms: Israel is lying.

And yet, the minute Israel resumes its slaughter of innocent civilians the rest of the world’s elite forget about the lies from Israel. The world’s media fall into line behind their paymasters and parrot the Israeli line. It is Israel which is the victim here, not the 40,000 dead Palestinians. The word ‘genocide’ is rarely used in mainstream reporting, despite what the ICC said back in January. Interestingly, the BBC, a publicly funded broadcaster which is supposed to be impartial, refuses to accept that what the ICC said amounted to saying that there was a ‘plausible ceasefire’, which is news to anybody who bothered to watch the announcement. The BBC has argued that what the Court was talking about was South Africa’s right to make the claim of genocide. No independent legal advisers agree, and yet that remains the BBC line when they are questioned over their failure to acknowledge the genocide they fall over themselves to justify.

Politicians fell over themselves too to demand a ceasefire and then said nothing as Israel began pounding Rafah. Israel lies and the rest of the world blames the Palestinian people for being ‘terrorists’. 

I am not an expert on terrorism, but it would seem that to be a terrorist means engaging in some form of activity that is predetermined to terrorise people. Which seems a pretty good description of what Israel has been doing for the past six plus months. Not to mention the last 75 years of harassment, intimidation and violence. It seems that the media and politicians have forgotten the origin of the word ‘terror’ which is to be found in the French Revolution where the state implemented a period of terror to crush opposition. But our media will only ever label as terrorists those who oppose the state, not the state itself.

But the terror extends beyond Israel. On American campuses the state is attacking its own students who dare to call out Israel’s lies. Across Europe the right of free speech and the right to protest are under constant attack to prevent people from telling the truth about Israel.

And Israel, a supposed defender of free speech, has ensured that it has complete control of the narrative by targeting journalists in an attempt to terrorise them out of Gaza. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, nearly 100 journalists have been killed in Gaza, many of them deliberately targeted. The closing down of Al Jazeera in Israel removes the last independent news organisation with journalists on the ground reporting on the unfolding terror. 

The BBC, the UK’s liar-in-chief for Israel, simply repeats the Israeli line that it is Hamas to blame for the ceasefire stalling. James Landale, their Diplomatic Correspondent, had this to say yesterday: “The Israeli statements about what it may or may not do in Rafah are part of the negotiation.” What Lansdale and the entire BBC fail to note is that Rafah is part of an illegally occupied territory. Why do they not lead every report by pointing out that, if Israel was to withdraw from the occupied territories, as numerous UN resolutions have called on them to do since 1967, there would have been no 7th October? The reason why is because, if they did report that, then viewers might well get the idea that perhaps Hamas is not the only ‘bad guy’ in this scenario. 

Indeed, millions of people around the world are now getting wise to the lies which flow like a waterfall from the Israelis and have come to realise that, when one side has 40,000 casualties, mainly women and children, and the other has fewer than 2,000, it is hard to maintain that the Israelis are the victims here.

Occasionally they bring up the hostages, but to what end? It is clear that Israel has not the slightest interest in saving the hostages. Indeed, it is better for the far-right government of Netanyahu that the hostages are not returned because, without them, they start to lose at least some of their rationale for the continued murderous assault. A fact that the families of the hostages have been more than aware of for some time.

I am not suggesting that the BBC, or any of the other media apologists for a genocide, should become pro-Palestine. I am not naive. What I am suggesting is that people who call themselves journalists be a little less pro-Israel. That if they were really journalists who gave even a cursory care about impartiality, that they would stop simply repeating Israeli lies and justifying, to use the BBC’s own description, the most right-wing government in Israel’s history. 

The citizens of Israel, and their Zionist supporters throughout the west, do not have a monopoly of victimhood because of the Holocaust. That was unimaginably evil, but there have been other terrible events since and right now one is unfolding in Gaza and Rafah, perpetrated by those who claim to be the descendants of the Holocaust. 

Unfortunately, Israel will not stop lying and the western media and politicians will not stop repeating those lies. That means it is up to the rest of us to keep exposing those lies and to remain in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people.

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