The Queen is Dead, the Son I Dread

On Tuesday June 2nd 1953 Elizabeth 2nd was sworn in as Queen of England. This too was mired in controversy as her husband Prince Philip wanted it to be televised. Television was a new invention so the Prince felt it would show how the monarchy was modernising. However, the Queen Mother and Prime Minister of the day, Winston Churchill, felt that televising it was an affront to its dignity and religious character.  Winston Churchill said, ”It would be unfitting that the whole ceremony, not only in its secular but also in its religious and spiritual aspects, should be presented as if it were a theatrical performance”.  Interesting time, I believe it was a theatrical performance.

On that day I was on holiday with my parents at Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire; I was just seven years old. My parents had rented a cottage on the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea.  As my mother, who was an arch royalist, wanted to see the wedding, she hired a tv set so she could watch it from the cottage on the day. I’ve no idea how expensive that must have been, but it was a complete waste of money and time. It took ages to get the signal right, then we had to sit and watch a tv screen that depicted an outline you could barely call the coronation, covered in white dots. The weather was dreadful where we were on the day. It was stormy, terrible gales and rain, so bad in fact that we left the cottage the following day as it seemed we would be blown off the cliff. My mother was very disappointed she hadn’t been able to see the pageant, my father showed no real interest in the events, we children were upset because our holiday was cut short.

At the beginning of May 2023, we are to have another coronation in my lifetime, that of Charles III, son of Elizabeth. We will have it televised, no doubt on every channel. We the taxpayers will be funding it at great expense and cost to the general public, the citizens footing the bill like last time. The theatrics, or pomp and ceremony, prove that the monarchy has not modernised. Charles III doesn’t pay taxes but could if he wanted to. His concern for his ‘subjects’ appears to be shallow and hypocritical. He must be aware of all the social ills in society but doesn’t appear to have empathy towards others. In 1953 His mother didn’t have to look at people sleeping on the streets or watch foodbanks become the norm, but Charles must be aware of this.  

I would disband the Monarchy tomorrow.

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