Arms manufacturers sponsor schools and universities by Catherine Clarke

Excellent. Well researched. TERESA MOHAMED

Strawberry cake and the fight against fascism by Louise Raw

A brilliantly written piece which is deeply personal, harrowing and informative in relation to the deep interconnected roots between misogyny, fascists and the powerhouses behind them. JACQUELINE LIWIS

An excellent piece, which is just as valuable as an insight into the fascist conmen fronted by Tommy Robinson as it is valuable as an informal fascist sex offender register. WAYNE MAGINN

So much sadness & courage in one article. ANGUS DODDS

Great article and Solidarity Louise. We want more of this sort of thing.


Keep on, keeping on Louise. Your Belfast family is with you always. SEÁN MACEACHAIDH

Thanks for sharing , Louise. ALEXANDER R MURRAY

Ceasefire – now or never? by Mike Stanton

USA and the western regimes have created a monster that is Israel. Now they can’t even control it. The result is that Palestinians are being massacred. We need CEASEFIRE NOW. TARANEH AHMADI-PARKER

Lee Anderson Defects from Conservative Party to Reform UK

The Chairman of the Conservative Party said last year in a interview that they could fight the next election on the economy, they would fight it on immigration and culture wars. They got Lee Anderson to stir the pot. He’ll no doubt be back in the fold soon. NIGEL THOMAS

Palestine Action : direct action against the arms trade

A really important article demonstrating so clearly the courage that some human beings are capable of in the face of impervious power. Dear God let these people be an example and inspiration that others may step up and follow in their footsteps. NICK GEORGES

Good article Jo 👌Where are our trade unions in all of this? Supporting good jobs in arms industry? Or perhaps clinging on to their money in case they get sued for secondary picketing?? NIGEL THOMAS

Budget leaves the poorest still poor

Smoke and mirrors, we watch the red and blue bicker about insignificant policies, all to gaslight us into thinking we have a democracy. NIGEL THOMAS

L is for Luxemburg

Brilliant thanks Jo, she is spot on. “Of great relevance today is Luxemburg’s belief that the radicalisation of working people was essential”. This is a long process, one our unions and Labour movement has forsaken in 60s until now. It’s left to small groups to accomplish.
“She also disagreed with Lenin’s democratic centralism, whereby it was claimed that a group of intellectuals should lead a tight, disciplined structure. She believed this was the route to dictatorship.” Shame more people didn’t listen to this. She wasn’t alone in this analysis. Bakunin pointed this flaw in Marx’s writing.
In my opinion her faith in workers taking power in general strike is unlikely unless there is a deep radicalisation of working people over a long period. NIGEL THOMAS

In defence of Charlotte Church, free speech and love

I am not a fan of Charlotte Church, but stand beside her with her stance on the situation in Palestine, caused by the genocidal Israeli state. COLIN WESTWOOD OAKLEY

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”Are you putting all comment in here? You seem to be answering selected comments? It seems as though comments have been edited? I hope I’m wrong. I personally feel that getting rid of a professional army that currently acts as a police force for multinationals would be a good thing, I’d make every city a fortress making it untenable for anybody to invade us as their losses would be massive, urban fighting casualties are over 50%, we should end the arms trade for everyone including ourselves”. NIGEL THOMAS

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