The Dirty Politics of Vaughan Gething

Gething has made a massive mistake accepting money from Atlantic Recycling. There is definitely the perception that he is “in the pocket” of a business interest. Thus far, he has not answered scrutiny questions and I think he is batting off the opposition by going into a sort of I know nothing mode often deployed by Carwyn Jones when he was First Minister. Gethin has simply not answered scrutiny questions about this matter.

What is significant about this issue thus far is Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles’ swipe at Gethin by stating he would never have accepted money from Atlantic Recycling for his leadership campaign. Some would argue that he has stabbed Gethin in the front ( not back) by clearly articulating concerns about this political donation. The cabinet dynamic will I suspect be adversarial between Gethin and Miles from this point on. At the very least, the working relationship will be strained.

Gethin, I believe does not have the qualities to be First Minister. He can be arrogant, abrasive and precious. I will add, divisive too. A New Labour politician to his inner core. Miles is a more consensus type politician who would adopt a collegiate type government and cabinet style. He would definitely have regular Cabinet meetings, which Gethin has not had since he became First Minister, which is a sign that he has little idea or a vision on where Welsh Labour is to go now, with the devolution process. Let’s be perfectly honest, as Welsh health minister he cannot remotely be regarded as being a successful minister. With Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, he is about as popular as whooping cough but he has ended up as First Minister!

This political funding controversy will run for sometime I think as it a fantastic platform for the opposition to do some politics that will do great harm to Gethin. We do not know what politics has been done within the Labour group in the Assembly of course as it’s all behind closed doors. Miles has put his head above the parapet and taken a political swipe at Gethin for accepting money from Atlantic Recycling but has anyone else in the Labour group? Jenny Rathbone maybe? This political issue has plenty of mileage left in it. A week is a long time in Politics and all that. We shall see how this one runs now. The Tories and Plaid are on it and are not going to let this one go. GARETH PHILLIPS

After Humza Yousaf, What Next for Scotland?

“First, as socialists, we absolutely defend Scotland’s right to seek independence, and condemn the Westminster parties for refusing to contemplate a fresh referendum.”

We do? As a socialist I must support Scotland’s right to its own state so it can control its working class with blue and white batons? Freedom comes from grassroots sovereign democracy not Nationalist calls for a nation state. NIGEL THOMAS

The Lords give in over Rwanda – is the battle lost?

Sunak and his political thinkalikes (from all parties) are morally depraved. LUKE ANDRESKI

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