Today we issue a serious warning to voters in the United Kingdom. A con man is attempting to steal your votes using fraudulent means. He claims to be an honest politician but on closer inspection it turns out he is as big a serial liar as Boris Johnson.

The man’s name is: Sir Keir Starmer.

In the latest of a series of lies Sir Keir has reneged on yet another of the ten pledges that he made to secure the votes of Labour Party members in order to become the leader of their party. His ten pledges included: “Support the abolition of tuition fees and invest in lifelong learning.” Speaking to the BBC this week, Sir Keir said: “We are likely to move on from that commitment because we do find ourselves in a different financial situation.”

It is not as if the changed financial situation is a massive surprise. Most commentators foresaw a slowdown if not the depth of it. But, if Starmer can drop that pledge, and incidentally in 2017 a BMG poll for The Independent found only 18% supported the current system, what can he be trusted on?

The truth is very little. That excuse – “We do find ourselves in a different financial situation” – is a get-out-of-jail-free card for unscrupulous politicians who want you to vote for them without giving you any clear reason why you should, except that they are not the other group.

It is sometimes worth comparing current Labour policy, as expressed by Starmer, with current Conservative policy. For example, on immigration where he pledged to Labour members “Defend free movement as we leave the EU,” he now not only mirrors Conservative policy on a points based system but received this accolade from Nigel Farage in November last year: “Labour are now to the right of the Tories on immigration”. This was after telling the CBI that employers had to wean themselves off migrant Labour. This also explains why Labour has been reluctant to condemn the Tories’ plans to halt refugees arriving by small boats, instead of concentrating on their seeming inability to keep desperate people from entering the UK.

But Starmer is a serial and, it would appear, compulsive liar. When convincing Labour members to vote for him he pledged: “Put the Green New Deal at the heart of everything we do. There is no issue more important to our future than the climate emergency.” Yet now he tells the CBI, “I don’t see climate change as a risk, I see it as an opportunity.” This is because, having effectively abandoned the Green New Deal, Starmer and frontbenchers such as Rachel Reeves are committed to: “Labour’s first mission in government will be to: Secure the highest sustained growth in the G7”. What they do not acknowledge is that continual growth cannot be the solution to the climate emergency as it is one of the primary causes. The Economist in arguing for degrowth notes: “Global scientists agree that wealthy countries must reduce material production and consumption in order for the world to successfully tackle climate change, biodiversity collapse, ocean acidification, water scarcity and other environmental problems.”

Starmer does not care about the environment any more than he cares about desperate people in boats crossing the English Channel. He cares about power. He cares about people only in as much as they are potential voters who might give him the power he lusts for. He is prepared to lie to gain power, he is prepared to abandon principles and pledges if they get him nearer his goal. He will abandon his friends and make them enemies if that serves his purpose. 

You have been warned.

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