Mizzy – The TikTok Prankster Riling up Old Racisms

Mizzy was kidnapping animals and you’re wondering if he’s being targeted because he’s black. How absurd! What did those animals feel when they were kidnapped? Why should people have to put up with someone like him in their neighbourhoods? He is doing everything to get famous. He was on licence and he broke the terms of the licence. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re on licence and break those terms, you will have to go to jail.

This story is creating divisions and distractions. Everyone, regardless of colour, country of birth or religion, we all need to be united against the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime on Palestine. A regime that is maintained and supported by the USA and British government. That’s a news item, not some adult who thinks that he can act like a spoilt, vindictive child and get away with it.  TRACY FARRAR

Don’t know this individual from Adam but watched one of his antics on tv during which he ran off with an elderly ladies dog, and laughed. That would have been extremely distressing for her and could have had serious consequences for the lady. That in itself for me should have been a charge of ABH. If the elderly woman had a heart condition that could have had serious consequences.

No sympathy whatsoever. KEVIN WARE

News Digest

I agree – groups working together finding common cause will strengthen all concerned. JUDI HATTAWAY

Critical Mass Media Video Channel

I hadn’t seen you before, like your approach and have now subscribed. Good to see the papers I don’t buy, outrageous – and to have the heads up on Left Foot Forwards. Thanks! LIZ SHEPHARD

One million march for peace


Over 10,000 civilians dead in Gaza and Starmer calls for a ‘Humanitarian Pause

Informative, honest and well written! Sheila Dunn

Ben Gurion Canal is at the heart of this genocide.. together with oil beds off the coast of Gaza. Those supporting genocide know that and are sold out enough, and inhuman enough, and racist enough to think that the lives of a whole race, are worth paying. CHARLOTTE PETERS ROCK

Peace must be given a chance

From the shenanigans going on in the UNITED NATIONS by those supporters of Israel and Israeli atrocities just shows how urgently the UN needs reforming. The security council with its permanent members who are arbiters of the fate of the world must be stripped of their vetos and majority voting implemented immediately. TARLOCHAN KALIROY

“Confused, ill-informed or just plain wrong”: Luke Akehurst opens up on Labour members’ response to Israel

Very clear and cogently expressed. KENNETH TYZACK

The questions regarding Akehurst are:

  • 1. Where does his money come from?
  • 2. On what money does he live?
  • 3. What has he got salted away?
  • 4. Where is it?


Brilliant, necessary and true. BEE CASTLE

The article is excellent. It doesn’t tell me anything which I didn’t already know but it brought it all together in one place. PAULINE ROY

Just read your excellent article about Luke Akehurst. One small thing – he’s not just a member of ‘We believe in Israel’ – he’s actually the director. That is his day job. That a paid lobbiest should have such a key role and such influence in the LP is appalling. Please can you add me to your mailing list. Many thanks – and keep up the good work! LINDA BALFE

The West Bank – increasing levels of violence bring death and terror

Thanks for writing this moving account. JUDI HATTAWAY

Destitution and collapsing Public Services

I just cannot understand how they have gotten away with this and no one is holding them to account forcing them to look after the citizens. The opposition are all complicit in this sadly. RACHEL HOWARD

Covid Enquiry exposes Chaos and Incompetence

Well written, factual, descriptive, objective. Nice article. Well done Mike! MATT SANDERSON

You Tube restrict Critical Mass video

Well presented and informative news programme and easy to follow, it seems questioning the main stream narrative and telling the truth of censorship. KARL SMITH

Don’t stop Starmer – start socialism

Wouldn’t it be better to join Transform/Breakthrough and argue for the above there instead of creating another group? Seems schismatic to me tbh ED MYATT

Hi Ed,
Thank you for your response. Just to clarify, we are not proposing ourselves as an alternative party. We at Critical Mass/Creating Socialism are a small group of socialists who dared to hope when Corbyn led the Labour Party. That particular hope was shattered but we were not.

Our concern at the moment is that any attempt to launch an alternative to Labour is premature. It is not as if there are not alternatives out there already: SWP, Socialist Party, TUSC, Workers Party, Communist Party, etc. In our opinion Transform and Breakthrough represent an attempt to respond to the situation without a sufficiently robust analysis to justify yet another party.

We see our own role as providing a forum for debate, a non-sectarian space where socialists can explore areas of agreement and disagreement. We are developing an analysis which accepts that the parliamentary road alone will never deliver socialism, whatever the calibre of the left parties competing for votes, that is not going to deliver socialism. This raises a number of questions including:

  1. If parliament itself cannot deliver socialism is there any benefit in electing socialist MPs?
  2. Can we build socialism in microcosm in our communities and undermine capitalism from within?
  3. Do we need a revolution?
  4. Do we need a party to lead that revolution?
  5. What about the unions?
  6. Can a general strike overthrow the system?

In the meantime we are not just a talking shop. We support all struggles against oppression and exploitation. We oppose prejudice in all its forms. We attack the crimes of the ruling class and of class traitors within our ranks. In our writing we try to understand the world and what is going on. Our readers and writers are all involved in political activity beyond Critical Mass and we don’t always agree with each other. But we do try to get along.

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