My political awakening began during the 2010 general election. I was thirteen years old, and I walked in on my parents watching a TV debate between the party leaders – Gordon Brown for Labour, David Cameron for Conservative and Nick Clegg for LibDems. 

It was Clegg who keyed me in to politics. The ideas he spoke about were things I admired – no student debt, a right to higher education education, a better way forward into  our corporate driven society. I hoped and prayed for a Lib Dem victory. I even snuck out of art class to listen to the results in the school bathroom. 

It ended in a hung parliament and Clegg took the LibDems into coalition with Cameron’s Tories. The Conservatives built their years of misrule on the back of Clegg’s allegiance. So there I was, thirteen and already completely disillusioned with politics and politicians until Corbyn stepped up.

When Corbyn became the Labour leader it was incredible! It was a time of hope and belief. believed. I believed in the Labour Party, in the power of solidarity. I even joined Momentum and canvassed for my local Labour candidate in 2017. I was never more involved in the political world, I was never more active in discourse, than when Corbynism was at its height.

I stopped believing that the system could change on December 19th 2019, the day Corbyn lost, but I didn’t stop being a socialist. It is still important to vote for honest politicians, but I now see that no capitalist society will ever allow an elected socialist government come to pass.

I have remained a socialist. But now I see that true change happens on the ground, and Corbyn taught me that more than anything.Socialism, it’s not about power. It’s about equality. Creating a fairer world, creating the means for there to be a safe landing when capitalism eventually crumbles under its own weight. 

I’ve been told a lot of my life that I’ve been a dreamer. I suppose one has to be a dreamer to be socialist. A better world can’t be imagined by people who think we could build a new foundation on two centuries of capitalism. 

I’m a socialist because I’ve believed change is possible. I became a socialist by dreaming the world of tomorrow. By fighting to bring about that eventual collapse of a system that has buried the dreams of so many. Hear me true friends, comrades and enemies. Nothing lasts forever. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it didn’t last until time immemorial. The British Empire wasn’t there at the first sunrise and the sun did set on it. Every empire, even one built on digital ones and zeroes and a system all too much like Big Brother must eventually collapse in on itself.

It’s simple physics, give enough weight to anything and it will eventually reach critical mass. That black hole of centuries of accumulating and investing in pyramid schemes is coming. I believe it. And I believe from its death will come a white hole – a new star to be born. Its name? Socialism. 

The best way to enjoy the Election Special is by reading the PDF. You can find it here or just look through here.

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