Well the waiting is almost over and for some of us at least our nightmare scenario, Starmer as PM, is about to become a reality.

In this special edition of Critical Mass Magazine we have put together the essential guide for the left. You will find facts and figures including our prediction of the seats, a look at the most recent polling figures, a historic look at turnout (with the news that Blair almost singlehandedly turned the public off voting) and a look, and a warning, about how the election might have looked under PR.

It’s not all figures though. Jo Buchanan has been on the stump with Andrew Feinstein, new writer Ian Wellins gives a cogent argument for not voting Labour (were you planning to?) and Mike Stanton looks at what will happen after the election.

And if you want to have some fun we also have our Tory bingo card, our very brief guide to the manifestos and a to do list for you to keep check on Labour after the election. 

We hope you find this a useful companion.


Dave Middleton

The best way to enjoy the Election Special is by reading the PDF. You can find it here or just look through here.

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