You do not have to wait for us to publish an article in order to share your feedback on the political situation. Last month Roger Waters was accused of antisemitism because of the content of his stage show, “The Wall.” This is a dramatic performance in which Waters attacks authoritarian rule and racism by parodying a Hitler-like figure on stage. Charlie Chaplin did the same in his film, ‘The Great Dictator’ in 1940. Unlike Chaplin, Waters has been maliciously accused of not playing a role but expressing his true feelings as a Nazi sympathiser and anti-semite in his stage act. The real reason that his opponents have smeared Waters and tried to get his shows banned is because he supports Palestine and is an outspoken critic of Israel. One of our regular Feedback contributors had this to say.


The musician Roger Waters is widely accused of antisemitism. The first person I have seen give reasons for this accusation is Hadley Freeman writing in the Sunday Times. She gives three examples of what she considers to be Roger Waters’ antisemitism. He has claimed that the Israeli government “deposed Jeremy Corbyn”, that Keir Starmer is “an israeli government puppet” and that Israel wants to “destroy the Labour movement in the United Kingdom”. None of these claims are directed against Jewish people. They are directed at the Israeli government. Hadley Freeman recognises this and goes on to say that antisemitism includes a belief that there is some great global conspiracy in which Israel (which she refers to as “the Jewish state”) controls the world. Israel is Jewish therefore this belief is antisemitic therefore Roger Waters is antisemitic. This is false logic. It is not necessarily antisemitic to say that Israel controls the world. Someone who says that Israel is a beacon of democracy is not antisemitic if they go on to say that it controls the world, whatever their motives might be. Also, all powerful states seek global influence and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, nor is it wrong to say that Israel is particularly successful in this regard. A well received book has been written on this issue, ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’. That is what Roger Waters was referring to, the power of the Israel Lobby, Israel’s global influence. His words were not directed against Jewish people or Judaism. Unfortunately he went beyond hyperbole and made rather wild statements which are not true, but they are not antisemitic. If it has any honour, the Sunday Times will offer him right of reply. – BRENDAN O’BRIEN


When every problem looks like a nail the solution is always a hammer; or in the case of the Bank of England their solution to everything is an interest rate increase, whether it appropriate or not. The Bank’s independence is a smoke screen for a corrupt, avaricious, amoral government to hide its negligence behind the skirts of the old lady of Threadneedle street. – TARLOCHAN KALIROY


As Gabor Mate has clearly outlined, western toxic culture has continued to be the root and branch of their rampant addictions and compulsions to all kinds of things including drugs, alcohol etc. –  GRABLE


Spot on! Helps deal with the fact-averse conspiracy theorists trying to dis the film – ED MYATT


Spot on, just so important! MIREILLE GLOSSOP


 My wife had an “abortion “, the fetus wasn’t viable in the early stages of the pregnancy. My wife was admitted to hospital and the procedure was carried out. Her record will always state that she had an abortion, implying a conscious decision to have the process completed.

My wife was devastated, whilst I was not affected to any great degree. This was not because I didn’t care, but in the fact that my deed was done, but wife’s bodily investment was ongoing, ergo the disparity in the emotional reaction to the event.

This case has just highlighted the inequity of the patriarchy making a decision in which they have no intimate emotional investment and can never understand the devastation felt by the woman.

Will there be women who abuse this, maybe, but the vast majority will mourn their loss with a keenness that no male can match, no matter how “understanding” they happen to be.

No woman should be in the predicament as this person, because of our patriarchal outlook on our religions and politics informing our judiciary.  – TARLOCHAN KALIROY


Not sufficient in depth information to be convinced of the article’s accuracy and veracity, – HENRY FRANKS

Quoting Simpson as a reliable source is not what I would expect from you. He’s hardly a go to reporter for accurate or unbiased reporting on Russia. In fact I’m disappointed in the whole tone of the article as it lacks any informative sources from on the ground other than Simpson. I suggest you widen your net of sources to give a more informative view. In addition I hear a sense of the establishment view on Russia and Putin in all this. Very disappointed indeed. – CYRIL WHEAT


I think it’s also worth pointing out that the UK govt has already paid the Rwandan govt a fee of £120,000,000 just for the ‘privilege’ of having a country the UK govt can name as the recipient of these poor unfortunate souls, the asylum seekers. – COLIN OATEN

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