Kier is a 44 years old eco-socialist, book worm, anti-racist, non-class reductionist , pro LGBTQ+ and non-(traditional European) nuclear family advocate, music loving dancer who loves his technology and cyber security, a love of teaching and learning and home educating dad of three.

Do you think we can get socialism through the ballot box?No
Which book do you think all socialists should read?Why Marx Was Right by Terry Eagleton (2018) 
Tell us about one of the political activities that you have taken part in.Plenty of Pro-Palestine marches , setting up a local PSC chapter here in Epsom.
If you had to name just one, who would you rate as the outstanding political leader of your generation?My generation? I’m 44 – we haven’t had any yet here in the UK. Most impactful was without a doubt Corbyn but he was also the most frustrating as he was a reluctant leader and weak in many areas (or badly advised, or both.

Is there a film you would recommend to other socialists and why?
Palestine Is Still the Issue (2002) by the late, great, John Pilger.
What do you regard as the most important event in the history of socialism?Probably the First International!
Which single political event was most instrumental in your political development?The 2000 – 2004 Second Intifada in Palestine.
With which historical figure do you most identify and why?Tough one , couldn’t say. Most admire? Malcolm X, or Murray Bookchin perhaps?
Is there a reform which you think could make capitalism work for everybody and what is it?No.
Have you ever been on strike, if so, did you win?A couple of times. On one of these occasions it led to a positive outcome.
Do you think we can get socialism through the ballot box?No
What do you do when you are not doing politics?Dance Cuban salsa , run a socialist audiobook library 😉
Do you ever feel like giving up politically and why don’t you?No, although I do get frustrated at times at how badly organised socialists are.
Are you an optimist or a pessimist when you think of the future for the left?Neither. People need educating though, without it we’re stuffed.
What is the working class and are you part of it?Those that have to sell their labour to survive in society. Am I? No, not really. I’m definitely part of the petit bourgeois but that’s because Technology pays well. But I am a socialist!
What steps are necessary to save the planet from environmental destruction?Ending capitalism. Becoming ecosocialist.
When you think of the future how would you like to think the world will look?Internationalist, border-less, without capitalism and free from wasteful products and services.

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