N is for Nationalisation

Marx never called for nationalisation but that workers run things, this could be through cooperatives, collectives, however they wanted, without profits, just less work more money – NIGEL THOMAS

Israel Lies

The actions of the 1st world has highlighted the hypocrisy, until now, hidden behind words like humanity, equality, democracy etc that show the falsity that normal people can see that governments pretend to ignore. – TARLOCHAN KALIROY

This is the most informative account that I have read! KENNETH TYZACK

“Zionist supporters throughout the west, do not have a monopoly of victimhood because of the Holocaust.”
Although Jews were the majority of people killed by the Nazis we should not forget other victims:
Gay people 10-15,000
Disabled 70-240,000 plus 300,000 forcibly sterilised
Roma & Sinti 190-240,000
Soviet POW’s 3.3 million
Poles 1.8 million
Source: https://holocausteducation.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/1.-Non-JewishVictimsOfNaziPersecutionMurder-Digital.pdf
Many of these groups do not cling to a victimhood or use it as an excuse to commit atrocities against other groups or individuals.
Two or three generations ago should not be forgotten but neither should it be used as an excuse for genocide of the Palestinian people. Never again. DAVID STIRRUP

Natalie’s World

She’s a perfect fit for, what purports to be, the current right wing “labour ” party. – TARLOCHAN KALIROY

Never again! Stop the Genocide!

Britain had a lot to answer for globally with its “export of democracy ” to countries that were not “white.” Post WW2 America, the progeny of globally hungry (but aging) Britain, took up the mantle of “overlord ” of the globe; albeit with a demeanour of a “kind uncle.”

1980 onwards that facade has slipped to the point that America can be plainly seen to be a hegemonic power with almost dictatorial powers over the majority of countries globally.

If America says that a democratically elected government is illegitimate, then the world will class that government as illegitimate (eg Hamas, Iran, Venezuela etc). – TARLOCHAN KALIROY

Confusion Over Labour’s New Deal on Workers’ Rights


The Election Starts Here

I’m rather more optimistic Dave. Chris Williamson has assured me that the Workers Party will NOT stand candidates against Jeremy Corbyn or Andrew Feinstein and they’re in discussions with Claudia Webbe. The last thing anyone wants is to split the socialist vote! MIKE COULSON

Blinken: World Famine if Palestine is Free

Perhaps they’ll stop Bill Gates donating to WHO? Could be a win? Stopping that bastard’s meddling. I saw that one of BRIC’s demands is that the world obeys the UN charter and allows countries to choose their own government, religion and culture with no interference. We really are on wrong side of history. NIGEL THOMAS

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