Rishi Sunak’s press conference on the steps of Number 10 on Friday evening was a chilling reminder of just how out of step with the public the political establishment is.

Ostensibly a comment on the Rochdale by-election it turned into an attack on the rights of citizens of the UK to express themselves freely. It was the kind of thing we might expect in a police state, not a supposedly free one.

We reject absolutely the allegation that the marches, which have taken place since the Israeli government launched its murderous campaign against the people of Gaza, have been anything but peaceful.

The suggestion that the police need more powers or that they should use the powers that they have more freely is an indication that, unable to counter the humanitarian arguments, the political establishment is seeking to intimidate people off the streets.

They must not be allowed to succeed.

That the election of a single MP for a fringe party has evoked this response is not a sign that they believe George Galloway is a modern day Spartacus leading the slaves to freedom, but rather a desperate attempt to divert attention away from the fact that their continued backing for the state of Israel means that they have rejected international law and the will of the 70% of people in this country who want an immediate ceasefire.

How dare he call peace protestors extremists, when he has backed an Israeli assault that has been killing children in Gaza at the rate of more than eighty a day for the past 140 days! Sir Keir Starmer has predictably endorsed this racist rant of a failed and flailing PM; a stark reminder of the moral sewer that is today’s Labour Party. Nobody can seriously believe that a vote for Labour will stop the Tories. They are the Tories and proudly so.

Behind the bluster Sunak knows that his government is doomed, not by an anti-democratic mob, but by the inevitable approach of a general election. We have to stand up to his threats and continue to march, petition, write and advocate for those who have been abandoned by the political class. This will also send a strong message to Starmer not to use an election victory as a mandate for yet more draconian laws.

We urge everybody who possibly can to attend marches for Palestine. If you cannot be there you can still sign petitions, donate to Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Medical Aid for Palestine. We should all be writing to our MPs to make it clear that the Britain which Sunak and Starmer represent is not a Britain characterised by unity but one which is cloaked in a deep hatred of those who disagree with them. Those motivated by hate are those who refuse to use their power to work tirelessly to bring the bloodshed in Gaza to an end. 

They have rejected peace, they have rejected morality. They have embraced hate. We will not do so. 

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